Daewoo karaoke by Sunfly

Simplicity and minimalism for life…

Daewoo is the third largest electronics firm of South Korea after Samsung and LG. The company manufactures a range of electronics and home appliances including a selectio of karaoke machines.

Sunfly Karaoke is the premier karaoke label in the UK and Europe. They have been established since 1991, with a back catalogue of more than 20,000 karaoke songs in a huge variety of genres and languages for any occasion.

Together they offer a range of Daewoo karaoke machines bundled with Sunfly Karaoke songs in CD format that ship across the UK.

They already had a simple but dated application that was unreliable, hard to navigate and lacking in functionality.

Although together they just target the UK, Sunfly also had an extensive catalogue of karaoke songs in a non adaptive format that they wanted to distribute globally that would not have been in the right format for worldwide distribution.

At Marzipan with our video encoding platform we created adaptive streams for distribution on a vast array of networks and hardware to a global audience.

We also provide mobile and web applications that are capable of operating on any network connection anywhere in the world. Our apps are engaging and simple to use, robust and capable of operating on multiple mobile devices and tablets.

Our powerful backend systems distribute the chunked content globally via our cloud based CDN providing low latency consumption whichever part of the world you happen to be in.

These applications are promoted on the outside of the karaoke machine boxes and inside the instruction manuals via a QR code linking you directly to the stores.

With our revenue share approach Sunfly had minimal upfront risk. This was a no brainer for giving it a try and seeing how it does. Luckily it worked a treat and we’re now on thousands of devices in tens of countries around the globe.

Check out the other apps we made for Sunfly:



And the streaming site we built also: